Get Messy | Season of Contrast | Week 2

I have been having so much fun making art inspired by the Season of Contrast. Get Messy Art Journal never ceases to amaze me with the inspiration, tutorials, prompts and guest artists. I think each season just keeps getting better and better.

I’ve always admired the spreads made with repeating patterns. They looked like such tedious work and I always thought I was too lazy to make such art. I am impatient and like completing spreads really quickly. But Amy Maricle has totally turned me around. The act of making these repeated patterns is so meditative, and not at all tedious. I have developed a new love and I am pretty sure every page I make from now on will include dots or triangles or leaves (as well as ink splashes because that’s kinda become my trademark right?).

I am going to share a few spreads I finished this week. Again, I have been quite productive despite having a few things going on at home. The first three spreads are all inspired by Amy and the repeated patterns. If you are new to art journaling and are interested in it, and how you can use it for self-care, you really need to check out Amy’s website and online classes at Mindful Art Studio.



This spread I started while watching Amy’s Youtube Live event where she went through some of her processes for making backgrounds. I slipped under her spell and made hundreds and thousands of tiny dots.


This next spread is my interpretation of Riet’s tutorial on the Get Messy blog. She took us through her process of intuitive painting. I hadn’t really thought about this too much before, but many of my processes are intuitive too. I rarely make a spread that I have planned out. I start with a blank page and just start making marks and see where it takes me. I’m really starting to realise that my art is no longer just me making art and pretty things, but it really is my own form of therapy. I immediately feel relaxed when I have paint on my hands and pages.


This last spread just kind of happened. I started with a Payne’s Grey background, stamped with a shimmering high flow acrylic using a celery stem that reminded me of a flower and then added the magazine cutting and line work. More repeated patterns, and inks splashes.

So that’s it until next week, I hope you can find the joy that I do in art. It doesn’t have to be painting, but some form of art that can take your mind off your troubles and relax your brain.

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