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Well, I’ve been hinting about it on Instagram for months now, but I am so proud to finally announce that my very first online class is about to launch.

I have been working with Lauren and Caylee at Get Messy to prepare this class. It’s taken way longer than it should have for a number of reasons, mainly that I have been recovering from surgery which has also taken longer than it should have.

So without further ado, I present to you – Messy Pages: a Guide to Mixed Media Art Journaling

Basically, Messy Pages is a class that will take you through the processes and techniques that I use, as an almost four year veteran art journaler, to create mixed media art journal spreads. I will explain to you my favourite tools and supplies as well as how I use them in all of my pages.

The class is structured so that it takes you through the steps I use when making a spread from start to finish. I’ll begin with the basics, tools and the different media that I use, preparing pages and will then build pages from the base up with lessons about techniques, background building, through to the journaling that adds the finishing touch to your pages.

I also give you an in depth explanation of how I approach prompts. How I interpret them and how I use elements to inspire my art journaling pages.

So I hope you are as excited as I am to share this with you. Head on over the the Get Messy Shop to sign up today.

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