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Hello there lovely people. I have been neglecting my blog of late due to other projects that have taken up most of my spare time, but this post was a must-do. You see late last year I was asked to collaborate with the Zine Squad on a zine for the lovely Sasha. The theme of the zine was ‘It’s a Small World’ so it’s all about exploring the world and travelling.

Today I am going to share with you the pages that I played with.

The cover was already made when I received the zine from Vanessa, in person, when we had a Get Messy Meet Up in Sydney last December. It was such a treat to meet her and then talk about the zine and other arty things.

This next page I added the flag paperclip embellishment and that is all. I think the left hand page is by Katie and the right seems to have bits added by everyone.

The left hand page is mind – had to include a galaxy or two in a world travel journals. The right hand page is Vanessa’s.

This spread is also a mixed bag – I added the calico world map.

I made the right hand side page in this spread and added the AirMail stickers.

I used a piece of vellum as a flap over the map of Australia, because hello, I’m Australian and I needed to make sure my country was a feature.

The next spread was my double page spread that I created as a collage with blended acrylics, acrylic ink drips and doodling. I think Katie or Jules may have added the ‘make the world a better place’ quote.

The the final spread was the signature page. I added a vellum pocket to store goodies.

It was so much fun keeping this secret, working on the zine and collaborating with the Zine Squad. I sure hope I get to play with the squad again some time.

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  1. I am absolutely head over heals in love with every small detail in this zine! Thank you so much for being part of this super secret present! 😉

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