Get Messy | Season of Art101 | Week 2

Week 2 of Art101 and the topic is texture which is really fun. Texture can mean so many things – actual touchy feely texture, layers of paint with definition hinting at texture, inspiration from textures in the real world … the list goes on.

I tend to take the meaning fairly literally and like to add touchy feely elements to my pages – like texture paste, layers of heavy body paint with raised bits, layers and layers of papers and things that add dimension.

So this week I made a few pages using texture and here they are.


First up is a kind of title page for texture. I used loads of modelling paste, stencils, bubble wrap, other household items that make marks, ink, and paint to make this crazy textures page. I also scribbled into the wet modelling paste for textured writing.


Next up is a paint textured page. I started with heavy body paint and scraped it on with a silicon wedge. I used Liquitex Heavy Body paints (Muted Violet and Parchment) and then I added Liquitex Acrylic Ink in drips and let it run down the page. I finished the page off with a tiny Donna Downey stamp.



My second spread uses all recycled papers adding interesting layers and texture. I got paper towels covered in water colour and ink, and baby wipes that I’ve used to clean up palette knives and wedge tools, and I have tissue paper, gelliprints and envelope paper. Its a pretty pink textured number.


And that’s it for the week. I’m really enjoying getting back to basics and really interpreting the elements in my own way. I loved the tutorials on the Get Messy blog this week, but the prompts didn’t really appeal so I went on my own a bit. I love the results though.

So, have a great week everyone.

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