Painterly Faces | A weekly project

I’m not sure if I declared it here on the blog but I had intended NOT to commit to any year-long projects this year – other than classes I have purchased – but I kind of changed my mind. This year is the year of Painterly Faces – portraits painted in various styles, but mainly water colour posterised portraits. I’m hoping to eventually freehand paint faces, but to begin with I will stick with the process that I know and love.

If you are a Get Messy member, you can find my water colour portrait tutorial over on their blog. Maybe I’ll create a process video of one of my faces at some stage as well, but for now, here are the portraits I have painted so far.


It all started with a tribute to George, and then Carrie. I loved painting these two so much I decided to keep going. And this recycled cotton paper journal is a dream to paint them in so I’m going to fill ‘er up.


Next came Harry Potter – I’m still reliving the series – I re-read every book and re-watched every movie last year and still can’t stop thinking about it.

And then I just had to commemorate Barack. It’s been too momentous an occasion not to.

So that’s is my project for the year. I’m sure I’ll end up painting portraits en mass to catch up throughout the year, but that will just be part of the fun.

Now, who has suggestions for my next portrait??? Add them to the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

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