Get Messy | Season of Dreams | Week 3

Real life dreams and day dreams. Those are the themes of the spreads I made this week.

I’m putting it out there – my dream is to one day be able to make money from my art. I dream of playing with paint everyday and not feeling guilty that I should be in the office, or cleaning the house or some other mundane task. I am working away in the background to hopefully start making that happen. In the meantime, I will keep showing up here making pages for Get Messy and any other project that comes up.

I made this spread to reflect exactly what I just said. It is an abstract collage background with acrylic ink scribbles and drips, and some simple journaling. Nothing too fancy, but I sure loved getting messy making it. I love choosing coordinating bits of ephemera (most magazine pages), gluing them down, and blending them together using coordinating paints, or as in this case, just gesso. I love how the blending kind of makes them into one scene and makes a story. The ink scribbles and dribbles just add interest.


Materials: ephemera (mostly from Frankie magazine or Peppermint magazine), Jo Sonjas White Gesso, Liquitex Acrylic Ink in Gold, Black and White, Liquitex Heavy Body paint – Paynes Grey, Black Uni-Ball Vision Elite pen.


This next spread is my take on what my day dreams look like. Me staring into space with thoughts oozing out of my head – water colour thoughts – muted and flowing and unpredictable. My brain goes to unusual places when I day dream – does yours?


Materials: Winsor & Newton Water Colours (Turquoise, Quinacridone Magenta, Paynes Grey, Indigo), Magazine cutting, Liquitex Acrylic Ink (Gold, Black), Black Uni-ball Vision Elite pen)


I made a process video for this spread too – you can view it here:

And that is half of the Season of Dreams finished. My journal is already bulging a little – might need to use a few less layers on my next few spreads.

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  1. Gilly Welch 20 October 2016

    I think you’d be brilliant at making a business from your art! I’d certainly buy a course from you on art journalling as I think your pages amazing….I’m always in awe as to how you manage to capture perfectly every prompt! Good luck xx

    • 20 October 2016

      Oh Gilly that is so sweet of you to say. Thank you.

  2. Cheryl Angelini 20 October 2016

    Your pages are amazing 💛 Thank you for sharing your video.

    • 20 October 2016

      Thanks Cheryl, my pleasure.

  3. Sasha 21 October 2016

    Amazing! <3 I hope all your dreams come true!

  4. Clare 21 October 2016

    I was inspired by the finished page on Instagram, now I have seen the process, I am bursting with ideas! Thanks so much for sharing.
    My dream is to make money from my art too!

  5. iHanna 23 October 2016

    Love your pages and the video was great, I loved seeing how you made this page and hope you do more videos soon. I feel inspired to dream on too!

  6. katie smith 26 October 2016

    I love the gold & black combo of your first page, Tlee!


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