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Ever since the announcement of the Season of Music I have had ideas jumping into my head about how I wanted to art journal about music. And one of those ideas came to me while chatting to fellow Creative Team member Emily. We decided to work on a collaborative journal for the season, and the content would be about one band and would be our interpretation of their music and lyrics.

I started the journal because I was so excited about it, and had already hand-made an extra journal. I’m sharing my pages here with you today, and once Emily is finished with it, she will share the finished journal.

So the band we chose was Coldplay – I love this band a lot, so when Emily suggested them I was more than happy with the choice.


I painted the cover using gouache – then realised that Chris Martin is on the back – oh well – and their eyes seem a little creepy, haha. I’ve left the cover without a title or anything as I thought Emily could add some other details to it if she wants.


Next is a mini-page – I did have some labels on here saying Art Journal Adventure of a Lifetime, but something happened to them while I was making other pages, I think my heat tool may have distorted them, so I had to take them back off. I might add them in again later.


Galaxy water colours for the win – how could I not with these lyrics?


A gelli-printed page ready for Emily to create on.


A bit of an abstract, collage, doodle spread featuring Payne’s Grey – I have really been loving this colour lately.


And last but not least, a little piece of magic.

I can’t wait to see what Emily adds to this journal – no doubt it will be brilliant, and colourful.

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3 thoughts on “Get Messy | Season of Music | Collaborating

  1. LOVE your pages! It’s so cool to be collaborating with you. Ah Coldplay, where to start I have so many favourites! Did I tell you we are going to see them in December? Thanks Tlee for your wonderful idea and for asking me xx

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