Get Messy | Season of Music | Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the Season of Music for the Get Messy Art Journaling group. I’ve been travelling this past week and decided to pack a travel kit and work on a journal on the go. I chose the Zine made out of one sheet of paper as the journal as I figured I wouldn’t have a lot of time to make something. It was a good choice.


I had already made the textured cover for this journal before leaving on my trip but added some colourful glaze to it to make it look slightly psychedelic. This whole journal was based on the prompt using psychedelic colours from The Beatles song, Yellow Submarine.


I glued down a music-based quote and image from a Flow magazine and went crazy with paint and a palette knife. A great travel choice as I didn’t need a water jar, just a packet of baby wipes to clean the knife up when I was finished.


Next, I used some water colour circles I had made a couple of weeks ago when using up some paint. This prompt is my response to listening to an uplifting song.


I started this page with something very different in mind, and I wasn’t really happy with how it came together, but with a little time it has grown on me. Not sure what is going on with the warped pages in the photo though, it doesn’t really look like that – must just be the angle of the camera. I used a travel water colour kit and my water brush pen to make this one, and a bit of ephemera I packed as well.


And last but not least a yellow abstract. I’m not a fan of the colour yellow but I thought this was a fitting way to close out the journal.


Another week over, and another journal filled. I’m surprising myself at how I’ve managed to keep up! How are you going with the Season of Music – are you enjoying it? And if you aren’t a Get Messy member, is this season tempting you?

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