Get Messy | Season of Music | Week 1

Well hello there, welcome to my first week of the Season of Music and my first completed tiny art journal.

For a little while there I was really worried I had dived in over my head with this 6 journals in 6 weeks thing. After the initial idea burst of making the journals, my imagination went and dried up on me. Don’t you hate it when that happens? I looked at the prompts about a dozen times and nothing! The main problem was that I couldn’t decided which journal to use first! But once I got over that little hurdle, it was all systems go.

I started of with the tiniest of my journals – the Mini Modular Origami journal, it is literally 5cm x 5cm and super cute.


I wrote a dedication on the inside cover – this journal is for my husband, and includes the words to one of our favourite, most meaningful songs. It has a lot of history for us and really says exactly how I feel (except for the girl reference in there – swap that out for boy). And what is the song you ask? You are my Best Friend by Queen of course. We are children of the 80’s after all.

GetMessy_SeasonofMusic_w1_2 GetMessy_SeasonofMusic_w1_3

I used a mixture of images downloaded from google, pieces of sheet music and notebook pages, gesso and paint. And I’ve also mixed up the scripting with handwriting and my trusty little label maker.

GetMessy_SeasonofMusic_w1_4 GetMessy_SeasonofMusic_w1_5 GetMessy_SeasonofMusic_w1_6

I also added a couple of water colour cut-outs and used my tiny attacher. I loved Essie’s idea of using up leftover paper and colours and making circles and stripes of water colour and stashing them to use for collage later on.

GetMessy_SeasonofMusic_w1_7 GetMessy_SeasonofMusic_w1_8 GetMessy_SeasonofMusic_w1_9 GetMessy_SeasonofMusic_w1_10 GetMessy_SeasonofMusic_w1_11

And I finished the journal off with a hand-stitched love heart, because its for my one true love. After I took these photos I gifted the journal to my love and it brought tears to his eyes, and that made me happy, and then I cried too. Haha – emotional much?


So that’s my week 1, and my first journal finished. See you next week for another finished journal.

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