Get Messy | Season of Introspection | Week 6

Welcome back to another week of the Season of Introspection – the examination and observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes. And this is the final week of the Season – I am sad to see it finished, but my altered book journal is full and almost bursting at the seams and I love that.

I made quite a few spreads this week, despite feeling a bit flat and having a busy week. I used the 10 minute background technique that I shared as my Creative Team tutorial this week (you can catch it on the blog if you are a Get Messy member). Here are a few of them.

L: Black Gesso with acrylic ink splatters, an image chosen from Pinterest but out and stuck down, and journaling written in acrylic ink R: White Gesso, Acrylic Paint and Liquid Acrylic journaling
White Gesso, Water Colour applied using a brayer, Liquid Acrylic splatters, Black Gesso tear drops, white Posca Paint Pen
Water colour background, Black pen for journaling
L: White Gesso, Water colour background, water colour splatters, photo sourced from Pinterest R: White Gesso, Liquid Acrylic

I also wanted to try out Katie’s face tutorial again for fun and scripted 10 things about me right now in the background. I never thought I would enjoy painting faces – but I actually do now.


And last but not least, a spread totally inspired by Queen Vanessa and her flip pages. This one has three flippable sections and a bit of hidden journaling underneath. Yellow is an unusual colour for me to use, but I was drawn to it this week for some reason. And I even painted on fabric – that was fun.


And that is it for the Season of Introspection – I may post a round up of my favourite pages next week. Stay tuned for the next season of Get Messy, starting early August.

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