Get Messy | Season of Introspection | Week 4

Welcome back to another week of the Season of Introspection – the examination and observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes.

I made a few simpler spreads this week. This first one doesn’t even include journaling. I had every intention of putting a quote on here, or something else meaningful, but in the end decided it was fine as it is. It’s a collage, covered with gesso, splashed with cold tea and liquid acrylic. Simple, but effective I think. I originally started it in response to Essie’s prompt about turning your attention inward. I think it still reflects that, just not in the literal way the prompt suggested.


This second spread was even simpler – I gessoed my pages, wrote a brain dump on the left-hand side and made a packing tape transfer from a magazine page and stuff that over the top. You can still read a fair bit of the journaling which wasn’t really the plan. The right hand page is simply a page from a Flow Magazine – I love the quote and the typography.


This last spread is my most detailed for the week. I used Roxanne Coble’s formula of collage and paint and patterns for the left hand side and finished it with a quote. And the right hand page was my response to my own prompts – first thought of the day and represented it in images – all sourced from magazines. I don’t usually college in this way but it has been so wet here lately that the raindrop collage was just perfect.

GetMessy_Introspection_Week4GetMessy_Introspection_Week4 GetMessy_Introspection_Week4

And that’s it. I hope you have enjoyed my pages this week. Only two weeks left of the Season of Introspection. Wow, it’s been an intense, but lovely season to make art for.

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