Get Messy | Season of Introspection | Week 2

Welcome back to another week of the Season of Introspection – the examination and observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes.


This first page is following the prompts by Vanessa. I have even kind of followed her style with blocks of colour and paint/sketched illustrations. The illustrations in my book are so beautiful I am having trouble covering them over completely, and these kind of suited the prompt, in that we were travelling into the unknown. They really represent how we were feeling at the time.

Tools: clear gesso, gouache (why can I never spell that??), tissue paper, white gesso and a black pen

As soon as I saw Torrie’s prompts I decided I wanted to make a process video for them. I had a vague idea of what I wanted the page to look like, but those ideas definitely evolved. There were moments along the way where I though – uh oh, what did I do that for? But I think I saved it – I am happy with how it turned out anyway. I hope you enjoy the video.

Tools: deli paper, acrylic paint (for gelli prints and extra details), black posca paint pen, glue stick, black gesso, white acrylic ink, white uniball signo, gelatos, windsor and newton water colour pen, bubble wrap


Last but not least, I made this after seeing something on Pinterest – stealing like an artist – that’s one of my go-to strategies.

Thanks for checking in again, and I’ll see you again soon.

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4 thoughts on “Get Messy | Season of Introspection | Week 2

  1. Hi Tlee, I’m not sure if it’s me or there’s a problem with your video, I’ve tried to watch it twice now & it gets stuck when you go to add the pink paper over your words?? I’ve always loved your work & would really appreciate some help with how you get your wonderful watercolour pages & ideas with composition to make my pages more cohesive….I look at mine & they often appear very boring in comparison…I’m really open to any help/critique to help me shift direction in what I’m doing, thanks.

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