Get Messy | Messy Lists | Week 6

Hello there and welcome to the last week of the much anticipated Messy Lists – a collaborative season partnering with the ladies from 30 Days of Lists, Amy + Kam. This season will feature 60 (!!!) prompts, 30 lists and 30 art prompts, and there will be MORE than enough content to keep you busy, busy, busy making, making, making! Join the Get Messy Art Journal program to find out more.

The final week of Messy Lists and I have completed all 30 lists. This would have to a be a record for me – I have started 30 days of lists once before and just didn’t commit, and I have started plenty of other daily project and bailed out after the first few days. So I am very impressed with myself right now. And I think I deserve a couple of weeks off from art journaling. Well I say that, but knowing me I will be making pages next weekend. Haha.


List prompt one, Art prompt one – I wrote things I was watching while sitting outside.


List prompt two, Art prompt two – Hashtags for the win.


List prompt three, Art prompt three


List prompt four, Art prompt four – how weird is it to see an upside down page? Its meant to be that way don’t worry.


List prompt five, Art prompt five – well its meant to be a photo of me, but I hate photos of myself so used a magazine model instead.

So there you have it – another season over. I wonder what the next season will be?


Get Messy Art Journal is an art journaling program/community. We are a group of like minded art journalers who have come together under this art form to learn, share, practice our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. Our community values consistent creating, encouragement and support and trying new things. We would love to have you join us as a member of Get Messy Art Journal. Join Get Messy now!

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