Get Messy | Season of Happy | Week 1

Welcome back to a new season of Get Messy Art Journaling. The first season for 2016 is called the Season of Happy. And I am very happy … happy that the season is about happiness, happy that I am a member of the Creative Team for 2016 and happy that you are all here to see my work.

Get Messy | Season of Happy

My first spread uses my favourite colour, and nothing else (except for the accidental blue splodges that kind of seeped through from my next page – ooops). Pink makes me happy, this shade in particular is bright and cheery and bring me great joy.

Get Messy | Season of Happy

Next, a quote from “Hector and the Search for Happiness”. I love making these pop art inspired water colour portraits. So fun and easy.

Get Messy | Season of Happy

And my last spread for the week is about my family … my one true love and the people I would never like to be away from. I started this page with an abstract background using my favourite colour combo. Then I made a continuous line drawing of my family – well I did accidentally lift my pen of the page a few times, but you get the idea. I also added some bubble wrap stamps and dark edging for contrast. Turned out OK I think.

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17 thoughts on “Get Messy | Season of Happy | Week 1

  1. Wonderful!!!! So happy (teehee) to see what makes you happy. All the Get Messians have such different styles. It’s so much fun to see. Your fave colors are so different than mine and the variety is wonderful. I also love that we can begin to ‘know’ each other through our styles. (is Thursday the day for the Get Messy Habit posts?)

    1. Thanks Meghan. Get Messy Habit can really be any day you choose. I’m sticking with Thursdays for now but that may change down the track.

    2. Hi Meghan! Get Messy is a really wonderful group. So inspiring. Hope I get to know you better as well.

  2. Tlee, your pages are always genius! I also love the Laura Blythman inspired cover – her work is drool-worthy! Also, your line drawing family is SO perfect! Love love love them. <3

  3. Yes loving your cover as well Tlee & was going to ask about it but can see Torrie knew already..will go and check her out! Didn’t try a line drawing but having seen yours will definitely give it a go, thanks.

  4. I love your adorable family line drawing! Such fun! And, PINK always makes me happy, too! 🙂 What a great watercolor portrait! Happy to be getting messy with you…so excited to be part of the community this year!

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