Get Messy | Tutorial | Instagram Prompt

I had this idea for an Instagram art journal prompt seeing as though we are waiting for Get Messy 3.0 to begin. So this photo is my end result and here are the steps to making it:

  1. Tear paper and place randomly as a background. Glue it down. You could use washi for this as well.
  2. Slap on some texture or modelling paste to give texture.
  3. Add some water colour, acrylic paint or mists for colour.
  4. Splash on some ink/paint splatters.
  5. Stamp shapes or stamps for interest.
  6. Add a quote either with your own writing, with stamps or letter stickers.
  7. And your done.

Here are two pages I made using this technique – similar, but different. Its kind of become my go-to when I’m stuck for ideas.

Get Messy IG Prompt Get Messy IG Prompt

Share your page on instagram and use #getmessyigprompt and tag me @drawingboardau and @getmessyartjournal so I can see your pages.

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3 thoughts on “Get Messy | Tutorial | Instagram Prompt

  1. Thanks so much for these tutorials and your gorgeous work. I am just getting back to creating with paper, I am trying to let go of resentments and process other personal issues through art journaling. Just getting in touch with my emotions is hard enough, so thanks for assisting with the design process until I get some flow back! 🙂

    1. Art journaling is definitely good for processing thoughts and feelings. It’s why I started too.

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