Get Messy | Throwback Thursday

We are currently in-between Get Messy seasons and someone suggested a throwback Thursday post. So here you go – the below pages date back to July 2014 right through to just last week.

It is very interesting to see how my art has developed and changed over that period of time. There is still a minimal theme throughout, lots of water colour and magazine pages, and lots of quotes. It’s really nice to see them all lined up like this.

I hope you have enjoyed my throwback Thursday – when did you start journalling, or are you yet to start and just need a little inspiration?

2014-07-30 08.32.07-2 IMG_0292 Get Messy Art Journal  IMG_4707 Halloween water colours Get Messy Art Journal prompt Lavendar Water Colour Zentangle Golden Girls IMG_6229.JPG IMG_6709.JPG IMG_7474.JPG IMG_7684.JPG IMG_7610.JPG IMG_7611.JPG Get Messy | Season of Love IMG_7944.JPG 2015-03-25 12.10.54-2  2015-06-21 16.08.32-1 IMG_0674 Get Messy | Season of Serenity Get Messy | Season of Serenity Get Messy | Altered book Authors Biography IMG_1208 IMG_1206 IMG_1292 IMG_1288

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4 thoughts on “Get Messy | Throwback Thursday

    1. Thanks Katie. I’ve used a few things actually. I started off using card stock and water colour paper. Then discovered Signature Solutions recycled cotton journals. I love these – but I can’t get them anymore. And now I’m using a moleskine sketchbook which I’m loving as well.

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