Get Messy | Home Made Stamps and Blackout Poetry

This week has been hard – my last week of summer holidays and the passing of my first born furbaby. Our 19 year old cat crossed the rainbow bridge and there have been many tears shed. I can not believe just how devastated I am.

That all being said, my Get Messy prompts are a little bit below par (in my opinion) just because I couldn’t concentrate. I was still determined to give them a go though.

Challenge #1:
Journal prompt:
If I were queen…

Art Prompt: Make your own stamp to create a background for your royal decrees. Use anything you can find and dip it in paint or ink or make a reusable stamp.
I took inspiration from the movie Frozen. I was introduced to this by my niece and nephew over Christmas and thought it made sense. I made my stamps (snowflakes and Olaf) using Lauren’s technique which was fun and relatively easy.

Challenge #2
Journal prompt: Make a blackout poem like Austin Kleon does (see his work and examples here) using a magazine article, newspaper, an old book page or any other writings you can find.

Art prompt: If your blackout poem doesn’t cover your entire page, paint a background by using a splatter technique with a paintbrush. Load up water and paint on your brush, hold the brush above your page, then tap the brush with your other hand to create random splatters of paint.
I am not the best wordsmith and poetry is definitely a very weak spot for me but I was determined to give this prompt a go. I have been tempted by blackout poems for some time but too scared to try.

I have to admit I sat and worked on this for hours. Trying to find words that worked was really difficult. I think it turned out ok in the end though.

Not long until the launch of the ‘new’ Get Messy’ project. I’m really looking forward to seeing what it’s like. But in the meantime I will stalk my email account for next weeks prompts. Check out the site here for more information and to sign up for the newsletter.

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