Zine Squad | It’s a Small World Zine

Hello there lovely people. I have been neglecting my blog of late due to other projects that have taken up most of my spare time, but this post was a must-do. You see late last year I was asked to collaborate with the Zine Squad on a zine for the lovely Sasha. The theme of the zine was ‘It’s a Small World’ so it’s all about exploring the world and travelling.

Today I am going to share with you the pages that I played with.

The cover was already made when I received the zine from Vanessa, in person, when we had a Get Messy Meet Up in Sydney last December. It was such a treat to meet her and then talk about the zine and other arty things.

This next page I added the flag paperclip embellishment and that is all. I think the left hand page is by Katie and the right seems to have bits added by everyone.

The left hand page is mind – had to include a galaxy or two in a world travel journals. The right hand page is Vanessa’s.

This spread is also a mixed bag – I added the calico world map.

I made the right hand side page in this spread and added the AirMail stickers.

I used a piece of vellum as a flap over the map of Australia, because hello, I’m Australian and I needed to make sure my country was a feature.

The next spread was my double page spread that I created as a collage with blended acrylics, acrylic ink drips and doodling. I think Katie or Jules may have added the ‘make the world a better place’ quote.

The the final spread was the signature page. I added a vellum pocket to store goodies.

It was so much fun keeping this secret, working on the zine and collaborating with the Zine Squad. I sure hope I get to play with the squad again some time.

You can see the blog posts of the other ladies here:


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Zine Squad | Imagination Zine

I received the most wonderful surprise in the mail this week. I was ‘zined’ by the Zine Squad – group of gorgeous ladies that collaborate and make zines for their friends. They do their research too – my word of the year is Imagination!

I thought I would share the amazing piece of art here so you can see how awesome it is, and so you can imagine how great it was to be ‘zined’.

It was fun trying to identify who made what pages too.

Imagination Zine

I think the cover was started by Vanessa with a few magic touches from Julia.

Imagination Zine

This is a signature page by Julia for sure!

Imagination Zine

Katie (left) and Julia (right) made these pages. Katie’s distinctive illustration is complemented so well by Julia’s felt tip drawings.

Imagination Zine

Ombré for the win! What awesome colour combinations. Vanessa’s is on the left and Katie’s on the right. Check out that moon balloon.

Imagination Zine

I love the space themed background on this page. And the quote ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination circles the world.’ It’s just so true. I love this spread by Lauren.

Imagination Zine

Water colours are my all time favourite medium so this page is like magic. I love how you can randomly put paint on a page and your imagination makes out shapes and pictures. And of course elephants fly 🙂

Imagination Zine

Lauren’s dream inspired page on the left and Vanessa’s on the right. My god I love unicorns – and day dreams.

Imagination Zine

More water colour by Lauren on the Play page. And that paper weaving by Julia!

Imagination Zine

Another Katie masterpiece.

Imagination Zine

And last but not least a fluro felt tip creation by Julia. Love the vibrant colours in this one.

Thank you so much Zine Squad – you totally made my week!

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