Get Messy | Season of Colour | Week 2

Today I am sharing some art journal spreads I have made for Get Messy Art Journal Season of Colour. I am really loving working in my Kikki-K journal – it is the perfect size, and I love the cardstock pages.


This first spread incorporated a prompt from last week – to include a rainbow. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I love watercolours and the way they create such moody and dramatic effects. The rainbow exploding from the magazine cutting worked out exactly how I imagined it in my head – that is a rare thing when I make art.


This next spread was inspired by a colour walk – it’s winter here so grey is an everyday occurrence with spurts of green foliage. I shared this work in progress on Instagram earlier this week – the line drawings and gouache background is inspired by @vineandthistle. I’ve been crushing over her work for quite some time.


My last spread, called ‘Marilyn’ for obvious reasons was another experimentation with watercolour. I didn’t intentionally make a galaxy of her dress, but it kind of looks like one anyway.

That’s it from me this week. I’m really looking forward to another week of prompts and tutorials from the Get Messy Creative Team. I always learn so much from those wonderful ladies.

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Get Messy | Season of Colour | Week 1

This week saw the start of another Get Messy season – the Season of Colour. I have a feeling this is going to be a wonderful season for me. I had to take a few weeks (or months even) off to move house and deal with the chaos that brings, including no internet service (don’t even get me started on that…) but am now back and feeling refreshed and revived by the possibilities of colour in my journal.

To start off this post I want to show you the journal I am using. It is a Kikki-K photo journal and it is just beautiful. The pages are thick card so I can go crazy with any medium I like. And its a good size for me – bigger than a moleskine but smaller than an A4 journal. A good happy medium.

Kikki-K journal

I’m not particularly happy with my cover page or the first spread. I had one of those days where nothing I made turned out quite how I wanted. But I persisted. Maybe I will come back and tidy them up, or maybe I will just leave them as they are.

Season of Colour cover page

Season of Colour Spread 1

The next spread I worked on after watching Vanessa’s tutorial from the Get Messy private blog (you need to be a member to watch this one). V never fails at inspiring me to get into my art journal and think about things in ways I wouldn’t normally think about them. I got out my QoR watercolours and spread some paint around.

Season of Colour Spread 2

And my last spread I started after watching Sasha’s tutorial, but I hated the background I started so covered it with gesso and went crazy with my new fluid acrylics from Ironlak. I have to thank Elly for the tip on this store – its all Australian and the prices are so freaking good! I want AAAAALLLLLLL the colours.

Season of Colour Spread 3

So that’s a wrap on Week 1 of Season of Colour. Catch you again soon.

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