Magazine Submission

We are looking for awesome art journal spreads for publication in the Reader’s Gallery of our next magazine edition.

Make sure you upload your images as well as submit the form – they are two separate processes. Please read the Submission Guidelines for submitting to ensure your images are high enough quality for print, and named correctly.

Personal Details

Include links to other channels you might like promoted (Pinterest, Twitter etc)
Please write a short bio (info about yourself, where you live, your website or email address, etc.)

Submission Information

Tell us about the artwork you have contributed. Is there a story behind the page? Was the artwork inspired by someone? If so, please acknowledge them and provide links to their website as well.
List the supplies used in your artwork.
Provide a tip or some advice to other art journalers. It could be about a supply, or how you beat creative block, or even things that inspire you to create.