Donna Downey Artist Gang | Happiness Blooms From Within

Hi there lovely people, today I am sharing with you all my latest project for Donna Downey’s Artist Gang.

I have made an art journal spread using one of the stencils I designed – it is called Leaves and you can buy one for yourself (or one of the other two I designed) at Donna Downey’s Shop.

Photo of art journal page

For this project I wanted to make an art journal spread that was influenced by the work of Clair Bremner. Clair uses botanicals heavily in her art and I love the abstract nature.

You can watch me create the spread here:

The supplies that I used are:

  • Art Journal – by Signature Sensations
  • Liquitex White Gesso
  • Daniel Smith Watercolours (Amazonite Genuine, Shadow Violet, Lapis Lazuli Genuine)
  • Windsor and Newton Watercolour (Turquoise)
  • Liquitex Acrylic Ink (White, Iridescent Gold)
  • Golden High Flow Acrylic (Iridescent Gold)
  • Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic (Turquoise Deep, Iridescent Gold)
  • Atelier Heavy Body Acrylic (Titanium White)
  • Donna Downey Artist Gang Stencil – Tanyalee Kahler Leaves

Photo of art journal page

Until next time, happy art making xx