Inspiration Sunday | 9 July 2017

I’m back with an Inspiration Sunday post for you and today I am sharing with you the beauty of Creative Bug. Creative Bug is an online subscription service where you can participate in a huge number of online classes. The variety of topics is phenomenal – from art, sewing, knitting, jewellery making and even food classes. They are produced really well and make it really easy to follow along.

I have taken a few art classes with Creative Bug, including all of Yao Cheng’s watercolour classes. This is where I learnt almost everything I know about watercolours. I highly recommend these classes if you are interested in watercolour.

This month, there is a 31 day watercolour floral challenge. Each day a new video is uploaded with Yao showing you how to paint a different type of floral. I am in watercolour floral heaven right now so I thought I would share my week’s worth of paintings.

I’m impressed with myself that I have kept up for the first week. I usually loose interest in these types of challenges fairly quickly, but I am determined to learn to paint florals.

I should note, I am not affiliated with Creative Bug, I am just sharing the love as I have learnt so much from them.


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