Get Messy | Season of Colour | Week 5

I have been so inspired to make colourful pages this season. I’ve even almost filled my journal – and it wasn’t a small one so I am really proud of what I’ve accomplished. And as we enter the last week of the Season of Colour, I am already beginning to mourn the end of this fantastic season of colourful tutorials and prompts.


This first spread represents traditional colours for boys and girls. The journaling says ‘Boys wear blue, Girls wear pink – but why? I used techniques taught in Jules Cusworth’s new class Pen + Ink to make the background using a pinkish purple, blue and black tombow markers that I wet with a waterbrush. Love the inky, watercolour feel it made.


Next up is a spread I made by grabbing a paint tube at random from my tub of many, many acrylic tubes. It is Liquitex Heavy Body Muted Collection in Muted Green. I haven’t used this colour very often, and green is not my favourite colour at all, but this shade has enough of a blue shade that I like it. I went with an paint blob technique and then squished the pages together. I added some white fluid acrylic to tone it down a bit and then journal on top.


My last spread started with a background using more Pen+Ink techniques. I love the way markers turn into watercolour when wet. So cool. I added some washi tape after reading a thread in the Get Messy Facebook group about tools that people hated using, or were unsure how to use. I’ve had a stash of washi tape forever and almost never use it, but I don’t mind how it turned out on this spread. It pays to experiment doesn’t it.

I have a weekend of art making planned, what about you? I’d love to know what you are making at the moment.

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    1. Oh you really should join. It’s a great group – very inspiring and supportive.

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