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Hi everyone, I thought it was time I made a giveaway for my loyal readers and art journalers.

As you might already know, I teach a class over at Get Messy Art Journal called Messy Pages. One of the sections of that class is a set of ten recipes to kick start your art journaling. Each recipe is basically a set of step-by-step instructions that will have you diving right into your art journal.

Today I am going to give you all a recipe – not one from the class – a brand new one.

You can download the printable PDF below:


This is a two page spread I have made using the recipe. As with most things, there are going to be plenty of ways to interpret the instructions and each and every one of you will create different pages.

If you get the opportunity to play, please share your work with me by tagging me on Instagram (@tanyaleekahler) or on Facebook (@tanyaleekahlerartist) and use the hashtag #messypagesrecipes as well.

I look forward to seeing your messy pages.

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