Get Messy | Season of Colour | Week 4

Get Messy Art Journal Season of Colour is officially my all time favourite season. I have loved every single week so far. And although I haven’t really completed every prompt or even every tutorial, I have really taken the colour theme and run with with. I’ve even experimented with colours that I rarely use in my spreads.

Red is one of those colours.

This spread has a real @dansmoncrane vibe to it. Maybe that’s because I’ve been working through her Totems class again/still, or just that the colour red made me think of her. Either way, I love this spread.


I took inspiration from @katielitch with the collaged letters, as well as for the next spread. This is quite simply squares of watercolours (using yellow – another colour I don’t typically use) decorated with marks and then ripped out and glued down. Simple as anything, but I actually love how it looks.


I seem to be a week behind with tutorials and prompts, so I this week I am sharing my attempt at coloured hair using acrylics. I think I need some practice on this one, so you’ll probably see more of these girls in the future.


And my last spread just came out of nowhere – I was basically experimenting with my high flow acrylics, because I am in love with them. Purple and green really look great together don’t they? I also went a bit crazy with the meditative dots (@amymaricle style).


That is another week done, only two to go. Please don’t end Season of Colour – I will miss you so.

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