Inspiration Sunday | 25 June 2017

I love working with watercolours and I thought I would share with you my latest favourite supplies. They are QoR watercolours by Golden. By the way, this post isn’t sponsored, I just want to share the love for this great product.

I discovered this brand after receiving a tube in an ArtSnacks box last year. After falling in love with that colour (indigo), I bought an iridescent gold tube, and Oh My Goodness – it is heavenly. I also asked my husband for a small set for Christmas so I have quite a good range now. But of course I have a wishlist of other colours I’d like 🙂

What makes these watercolours stand out from any others? Well, in my opinion, the colours are heavily pigmented and rich, and they react so beautifully when working wet on wet. They also blend into each other really nicely. I’ve always been a Windsor & Newton fan, but these are even better.

I’ve made a short video of me using the watercolours so you can see what I mean by how pigmented they are.

Have you tried QoR watercolours? If so are you as crazy in love with them as me? Or have you had a different experience? I’d love to know both sides of the story.


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