Wanderlust | a work in progress

Back in September last year a gorgeous friend of mine surprised me with a gift. A subscription to the Wanderlust Art Course for 2017. She had taken the class in 2016 and knew that I would enjoy it. I was so excited but had to wait until January 2017 before I could get started.

So now I am a couple of months in and I have really enjoyed all of the lessons that I have watched. There have been quite a few artists that I have admired for such a long time so it was really fun to watch and learn how they work.

I am going to share a few spread here today – ones that I am particularly proud of.

The first week was a lesson by Kasia, one of the owners of Everything Art that runs the class. It was setting our intentions for the year.

The next lesson was by Mary Ann Wangerin. There were lots of layers used to make this spread and it was probably the first time I have covered up something I actually liked in order to add a new layer.

Then came Wilna Furstenberg with her abstract florals done two ways. We literally painted one version in a single colour and then photocopied it for a second spread. Lots of fun.

Amanda Grace was the next guest teacher and her work is also all about the layers. I loved her process and that the lesson had a lovely meaning behind it.


Week 7 was taught by fellow Aussie, Clair Bremner. I was hanging out for this lesson as I have lusting after her instagram feed for way too long. I loved getting an insight into her layers and technique. I love the folk art leaves and florals patterns that she uses, but I think I would need quite a bit of practice to get that right, so instead I created a stencil of some of the botanical shapes. So now I can use them over and over again.


The last lesson I have watched was by another artist who I have adored on instagram for a while – Alena Hennessy. Her voice alone had me – its so peaceful and meditative. And then the techniques had me all the heart eyes.


So that’s my Wanderlust journey so far. I’m a bit behind as I’ve been a little bit busy, but I have the videos forever, so I’ll just keep watching them as I can.

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