Get Messy | In-between Seasons

I’m not sure about other Get Messy Art Journalers, but I have become so used to creating every week (most days actually), that even in-between seasons I can’t stop. This season break I have been recuperating from a little surgery so had time on my hands to get messy. I am sharing the results of this idle time today.

I firmly believe that art can be used as a form of therapy, it may not be for everyone, but there are many types of personalities that would really benefit from getting messy with paint and pens to explore their feelings and emotions. I am one of those people, I tend to get a little moody and down after an anaesthetic for some reason, and some of these pages are the result of that. But this first one is just a reminder to me that art is my therapy!

Get Messy | In-Between Seasons
Acrylic Abstract background with flower doodling.

I may have watched the Twilight series while lying in bed feeling sorry for myself – and this is what happened.

Get Messy | In-Between Seasons
Vampires vs Werewolves

You can never go wrong with water colour flowers right? Water colours and flowers both make me feel happy.

Get Messy | In-Between Seasons
Water colour collage

A little collage and abstract painting. Now this layout does not include any journaling – so my question is, does that still make this art journaling? In my opinion it does as it was still me expressing myself in a journal, I just didn’t use words. What are your thoughts on that?

Get Messy | In-Between Seasons
Art journaling with no journaling

I actually started this layout ages ago and kind of got stuck after I stuck the images down. I decided not to over-think things and just went with my instincts.

Get Messy | In-Between Seasons
Magazine cutout collage

Back to my trusty gelliplate – I caved and bought the bigger sized plate a few weeks ago – I knew I should have gotten it in the first place. Oh well, you live and learn right!

Get Messy | In-Between Seasons
Gelli Plate background and collage

So that’s it. I think that is truly the most pages I have finished in one week – ever! I think I need to stay home from work more often – haha – we can all dream can’t we?

Next week sees the start of a new season – Messy Lists. I hope you will join me.


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