Get Messy | Season of Magic | Week 3

I got busy this week and pumped out quite a few pages. I decided to spend last weekend just doing things I wanted for a change and I had the best time.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with cats. All cats – I want them all. Crazy Cat Lady right here. So of course there is a magical black cat in my work.

And the most beautiful little fairy.

Season of Magic | Week 3Season of Magic | Week 3 Season of Magic | Week 3

And then my own cat decided to help me whilst photographing my layouts this morning. Thank you Luna, you are so helpful.

Season of Magic | Week 3

After my princess painting last week I kind of went a bit nuts and painted a series of them for some friends. Then I couldn’t resist doing a Peter Pan inspired page.

Season of Magic | Week 3

The prompts this week initially had me stumped. They were focused on the brain and what makes us magical so I took the classic left vs right brain approach. Obviously any creative people fit more into the right side than the left, but I think I have an equal mix of both.

Season of Magic | Week 3

My last page is a bit more expressive, and includes more journalling than I usually do. That’s two pages this season that I have gotten a bit deeper with my journalling. I used my ‘One Little Words’ from the last two years, and my chosen word for next year as my closing statement. “I do ACCEPT my crazy brain for interrupting. I do BELIEVE I can do anything. IMAGINE where this could lead.”

Season of Magic | Week 3 Season of Magic | Week 3

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