Get Messy | Season of Words | Week 3

Week 3 saw me have fun with blackout poetry (not my best effort, but it was fun just the same), cutting windows in my pages and Jackson Pollock style painting.

So, loads of fun, but only resulted in two spreads this week. I hope you like them.


Get Messy Black Out PoemMy blackout poem:

Heavenly, sensory, the simple pleasures are freedom.

Strange? Maybe.

Get Messy Art Journal page
I considered writing a quote on this page but changed my mind. Decided to let the layered window and paint splashes do the talking. Notice the happy accidents with pink gouache – I think I’ll be finding it on a few pages where it wasn’t really meant to be. Oh well.


I think I’ll play with the Jackson Pollock style some over the weekend. Outdoors though I think!

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