Get Messy | Season of Serenity | Week 3

I’m keeping my promise and posting some journal pages each week for the Get Messy Art Journal’s Season of Serenity. Problem is, this week I haven’t really made any pages relating to the prompts for the week. I have however taken a couple of classes on Creative Bug in the last two weeks and I am going to share those pages today as my journal pages – kind of following the inspiration prompt.

Scribble sketch with doodling


I really love the effect of the scribble drawing, painting and doodling. Pam Garrison’s technique is so fun and easy and really does take you away from your worries. This exercise is very meditative.

Scribble Drawing in Red


Another take on the same exercise, this time in black, red and silver. This colour combination would have to be my favourite.

Get Messy | Season of Serenity


This next page is an exercise from Week 2 of the same course. This time it involved water colouring a background, allowing it to dry and then finding shapes in the colour and doodling on them – like finding shapes and animals in the cloud formations. I have to be honest, I really struggled with this. I have always struggled with clouds too. Not sure why. I can see the value in the exercise though so will definitely keep trying – practice makes perfect as they say.

For anyone interested in these techniques, these two pages came from week one of the Creative Sketchbooking course.

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