Get Messy | Season of Serenity | Week 2

Helllloooooo everyone. I’ve made it two weeks in a row. I’ve been just so motivated and inspired to create stuff. I love it.

This week I am sharing a page I made about a goddess that I can relate to. Hestia- the Goddess of Hearth and Home. She is so me! Right down to the flaming red locks. So powerful.

Get Messy | Season of Serenity

I made a couple of boo boos on this page – but I’m calling them happy accidents and moving on.

Next up is a page that follows on from Hestia – and explains my serenity – home. I love my home – where my family and fur babies are. It is where I am totally at peace and happy.

Get Messy | Season of Serenity

This must be a record for me – I actually have four pages this week. I painted and glued like a crazy lady this week!

Get Messy | Season of Serenity

I started this page with a print out of a dictionary page with the definition of serenity. Then I layered it up with gesso, matte medium and torn pages from Flow magazine which was very generously sent to me by fellow Get Messian Judith (you can find her blog here if you like). I finished the page off with some doodling and handwriting. Doodling is my new favourite thing! It’s very relaxing and therapeutic to just freely doodle – on anything!

Get Messy | Season of Serenity

And my last page for the week involved printing on vellum – not that adventurous but I like the effect. Only trap is that you can’t really paint on top of printed vellum. The ink kind of rubs off. But that was just another happy accident – the smudged background was perfect for journaling over. Oh and that pink – that’s tissue paper. Glueing that stuff down is fun. And the semi-transparent look is great. Another new go to tool has been discovered.

So that’s a wrap. Catchya next week with another series of messy pages.

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5 thoughts on “Get Messy | Season of Serenity | Week 2

  1. I love the doodling on your pages. I am such a doodler t00, Why haven’t I been doodling on my pages?! Feeling inspired after seeing your pages Tanyalee. Glad you are back Getting Messy again! Emily 🙂

      1. Wow Megan you have been super busy! Your pages are beautiful. …it’s fun trying new things isn’t it & like me you find out in the process what works best…I’ll certainly be using the tissue paper again. .love it!

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