Get Messy | Holiday Prompts 1 & 2

It’s New Years Eve and I’ve been getting messy with my art journal once again. And quite fittingly, I filled my journal on the last day of 2014.

These pages are my response to the first two holiday prompts from Get Messy. Remember, the Get Messy Art Journal project is changing. Launching February 5th will be the ultimate art journal experience.There will be tutorials, starter kits, prompts, link ups, chats, discussions, suggestions, questions, answers, community spotlights, design teams, teachers, students, friends, BFFs, and so much more….

The community will be run on a private blog that you will have access to for life. The one time fee will be low allowing everyone to be able to join. There will be lessons and tips, and challenges for beginners and experts. Everyone is welcome, no matter their level of experience, location or commitment level. That’s the beautiful thing about art. It is what you need it to be, it’s what you want it to be.

There will be no rules except to create, encourage and inspire. You make your own rules this time.

Find out more Here.

That being said for the holiday period the girls are releasing prompts at intervals to keep us all inspired and motivated. I pondered over these prompts for a while. They really took me out of my comfort zone. I usually just make pretty things but these prompts made me think about how I was feeling and get those thoughts down in an artistic way. Very therapeutic.

Let’s get into it. The first challenge was:

Journal prompt: Choose a song that represents how you feel right now. Pair the lyrics with a photo of yourself portraying the emotion.

Art Prompt: Script out the lyrics to create your background using a font or special handwriting you created.


This got a bit dark. I’ve been feeling pretty flat lately – down in the dumps and a bit worthless. Pink’s song about being perfect just jumped out at me. I’ve taken note of the lyrics and while I’m not feeling perfect or worthy right now, someone thinks I am I guess.

Challenge #2
Journal prompt: Randomly open a magazine or newspaper. Rip out an article title and write your own article for that title. Do not read the original article until after you write yours.

Art prompt: Find an image to pair with your new article from an unrelated magazine page. Or go simple: allow your focus to be on writing your article as thoroughly as possible, cover the page with your words until you have exhausted your topic.


Another huge stretch for me – I’m not big on the journalling side of art journalling. Sounds a bit odd – but that’s how it is. But I embraced this. I chose a headline and I wrote – randomly. And I still haven’t read the original article so have no idea whether I was close or just in my own dreamworld.

Anyway – that’s my take on it. Happy New Year everyone. Cheers xxx

PS. I also added a closing page for my journal just for fun.



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